Terms and

Shipping Information

Please read before purchasing:

  • Reptile Factory will not knowingly ship any animal in violation of the law. It is the customer's responsibility to know state and federal laws before purchasing any animal.


  • We are certified reptile shippers through FedEx. We use brand new insulated boxes, heat pack/cold packs, and snake bags every time we ship! When you buy from us, you can buy with confidence!


  • All animals are guaranteed to be healthy, mite free, and feeding properly at the time of arrival. We strive to provide top quality animals to our customers and we never sell an animal that does not meet our standards. Once an animal has arrived and is in the care of the customer, we do not take responsibility for anything that arises due to improper husbandry.


  • Animals will only be shipped Monday-Wednesday and only during proper temperatures. 


  • Live arrival is guaranteed. Any issue must be reported to us within one hour of arrival. 


  • Once the animal is out of our care, we cannot take responsibility for any issues arising from improper husbandry or fatalities/injuries from exposure to extreme temperatures. For any refund or live animal exchange, the animal must be returned and proof of proper husbandry must be provided. 

  • All animals purchased at Reptile Factory (except arachnids, insects, and amphibians) have a five (5) day guarantee. Please remember that our guarantee is void if you do not provide the proper environment for the animal. This includes enclosure, temperature, bedding, proper lighting, diet, etc.

  • For any first time keepers or when purchasing any new species, Reptile Factory always recommends a full setup at the time of purchase. A “full setup” refers to an appropriate enclosure and the following items: bedding, lighting, decor, and any other products necessary for the benefit of the animal. When purchasing a full setup, we can guarantee the animal for seven (7) days. 

  • Even with the purchase of a full setup, we are not responsible for animal fatalities due to extreme temperatures. We always recommend the use of a thermostat with any heating device. Should you decline the thermostat at the time of sale, our full setup guarantee is void. 

  • Due to various factors that are out of our control after the animal leaves the premises, we cannot guarantee any arachnids, insects, or amphibians without the purchase of a full-setup from Reptile Factory, LLC. When purchasing an arachnid, insect, or amphibian with the full setup, animals are guaranteed for 48 hours only. 

  • Any internal issues on imported animals are not included under any of our guarantees. We provide an outward health guarantee only on all imported animals. Please be aware of what your are purchasing and do the proper research. You can always ask us, we are happy to help!

  • We do not refund or take back animals due to being skittish, scared, or defensive. All animals need time to adjust and build a trusting bond. We will gladly work with you to resolve any issue you may have. 

  • We are not responsible in any way for the action(s) of the animal(s) purchased through us. It is solely your responsibility if you or anyone gets bit, stung, scratched, physically debilitated, or any other injury inflicted by the animal(s). Always exercise caution with all animals.

  • Reptile Factory, LLC., and its employees reserve the right to refuse an animal sale to anybody if we feel it is not in the animals best interest. 

Payment Information:

  • We accept Paypal, Chase Quick Pay, wire transfers, and most major credit cards over the phone. We also accept personal checks and money orders in some cases. 


  • Payment plans are not offered for any purchases under $500


  • For payment plans 50% down is required and the rest is due within 14 days. Some exceptions can be made for large quantities, please inquire for more information. Down payment is non refundable, but can be apply as store credit. (no cash refunds)


  • All of our animal prices listed under "Available" include a flat shipping rate of $50.​​

  • Should you want to pick-up your animal at one of our retail locations, please contact us directly for purchasing.